Troy Towers



The board of Directors of Troy Towers in Union City, N.J., tapped SKAPC to prepare long-range master plans for the multifamily residential building. Located at 380 Mountain Road, the 22-story co-op offers jaw-dropping views of Manhattan from its perch high atop the New Jersey Palisades.SKAPC is partnering with the board on plans to renovate the building over the next five to 10 years. The scope of work includes brainstorming and prioritizing short- and long-term projects in conjunction with repair work that is currently in progress.

The client was familiar with the firm’s extensive experience rebranding and repurposing luxury high-rises along the Gold Coast of New Jersey, in particular the recently completed Apogee in Cliffside Park and Mediterranean South in Fort Lee, a project that is in its early stages.

Troy Towers’ modern lines, conveniences and efficient use of space represented the epitome of luxury apartment living when it was built in 1966. SKAPC’s design team is working to reimagine the future of the property using the latest digital photorealistic technology. The resulting images help the board and the community conceptualize and respond to proposed plans and design ideas before they invest in physical construction.