TPA certificates for special events

Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) Certificates for Special Events

Temporary event spaces are a specialty of SKAPC. We excel at getting your grand vision approved as a spectacular venue – attaining all the certificates and permits necessary to raise the curtain.

In New York City, there are countless one-of-a-kind venues that can accommodate large-scale, limited-duration events – including spaces that were not necessarily designed to do so. However, hosting a party or wedding off the beaten path – under the High Line park, on a rooftop or in a parking garage – requires a Temporary Place of Assembly (TPA) certificate. This includes events with durations of one day to 90 days with the ability to renew.

SKAPC has obtained hundreds of TPAs for new and repeat clients, as well as for venues that have hosted high-profile clients, entertainers, designers and luxury brands. We specialize in unusual spaces for fashion shows, performances, corporate events, pop-up promotions, weddings, and birthday celebrations.

Unlike standard hotels or professional event spaces, these unique venues typically do not have a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). However, they are able to hold large numbers of people based on meeting the TPA’s parameters for adequate square footage, egress doors, fire-rated corridors, and more.

With our deep knowledge of the City’s rules and restrictions, SKAPC works with each client by supporting them as they bring their visions to life.

We work with:
• Venue clients to maximize the capacity and quality of their venues
• Event designers to realize their design visions for each event
• Building owners to legalize and/or convert their buildings with alternate uses as first-class event venues
• Oversight authorities by filing and obtaining permits for assemblies, and can provide additional work applications for tents, stages, and more
• Inspection teams to examine installations for safety and conformance

SKAPC’s experienced team is able to secure permitting for design teams within very tight timeframes. This is vital given the fluid nature of timelines for many large-scale special events, such as New York’s September and February Fashion Weeks.

Whether you are looking to entertain corporate guests in a historic warehouse, host an elegant wedding in the park or throw a neighborhood block party, SKAPC can help