85 Livingston

85 Livingston

Project Name: 85 Livingston​
Date: 2022
Size: 2,400 SF

Steven Kratchman Architect P.C.
23 Warren Street, Store 9
New York, New York 10007

Lighting Designer
Paul Pamboukian Lighting Design
9 Point View Place
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046

1 Eglantine Avenue
Pennington, New Jersey 08534

Forum Engineering, P.C.
139 Fulton Street
New York, New York 10038

To the Livingston Community:

Construction is now underway on the renovations at 85 Livingston!

This is an exciting time as the property begins to evolve into a more modern, better functioning, upgraded and improved home for all residents. Our firm is your property’s architect and we will continue to guide the renovation through its completion. We have extensive experience repurposing, rebranding and reinventing upscale mid- and high-rise residential properties.

This webpage will help you see the overall vision, what’s planned, progress we’ve made, and updates about 85 Livingston’s transformation.

What Will Occur

For a bit of background, your apartment building was built in 1964 and designed by Philip Birnbaum. He was a prolific New York City architect whose designs were known for their efficiency.

To improve on his original design, the following is currently underway, or planned for the renovation:
• Renovation of the building’s entrance and lobby
• Renewal of the interior entry vestibule, and reception and package areas
• Brand new heating/air conditioning systems
• Centralized concierge desk and control center
• Construction of a new workspace

We anticipate the following to occur after the entrance work is completed:
• Restoration of the building’s lower façade
• Addition of further amenities such as a gym space and lobby restroom

In addition to design, your renovation will encompass new materials and finishes, lighting, built-ins and furniture, and fitness elements and equipment.

The 85 Livingston Master Plan

In addition to the activities above, our “master plan” for 85 Livingston will reimagine its strip of retail space – which includes the shuttered fitness center – plus the roof, rear yard and front yard planters. The primary focus is on curb appeal, upgrading the building’s exterior, the front yard that is set back from the street, and bringing new amenities to the tenant shareholders.

Our main objective at 85 Livingston is to complete a focused project, and our first baby step is to create a lobby which we want to be on time and on budget. Then, with the momentum of that successful project, our overall goal is to turn the building around and create value.