Founding Principles

We believe that architecture, interiors, planning, landscape, urban design, engineering and ecology are critically interconnected. We seek out projects that are grounded in one or more of these components. A multidisciplinary approach to problem solving mirrors the cultural diversity of our office. We are a like minded group of young architects who are optimistic about the future of the profession and enthusiastic about architectural practice in New York City and the tri-state region. We provide our clients with the highest level of service and design at very competitive fees.
We value long and continuing relationships with our clients. Our growth over the past years is founded on repeat clients and referrals. Our clients are demanding of themselves and of us: they want creative and practical solutions for their businesses, institutions and homes.
Long before an architect is contemplated for a project, the projects parameters often have been established by many factors including finance, legal, political, and zoning. Since we understand the development process, we can be very helpful to our clients even when an architectural solution is only a distant twinkle on the horizon.
We work on a wide scale of projects, from "kitchen and baths" and "paint and carpet" projects to those with construction costs exceeding millions of dollars. We specialize in seven categories of project types:
Real estate development and property management projects
Private schools, clubs, and sport facilities
Single and multifamily residential
Retail, restaurant, and showroom
Professional and commercial offices
Historic preservation
Waterfront developments
In addition, we provide architectural support to interior designers, graphic designers, and advertising/brand identity specialist. Often a project originates with a new brand identity or an interior design concept and architectural services are required to develop a project. We are very comfortable working as a team with other design professionals.
A successful project depends on three interdependent and mutually important factors; design, schedule, and budget. The best solutions integrate these three factors. Steven Kratchman Architect, P.C. takes pride in utilizing these three criteria in all of our work.
We have strong and long term working relationships with engineering professionals. We select a specific team for each project, depending on project particulars such as scale, type, and location.
Customer Service
Customer service is critical to our firm's mission. We have grown from a one person to ten person office based on references and referrals from satisfied clients and successful projects.
We located our offices in the garment district, a special place in the city, an area which features light industrial manufacturing with a large inventory of loft buildings. We are centrally located to mass transportation, equidistant to Grand Central, Port Authority, and Penn Station. Our staff can visit clients, attend meetings, and supervise projects very efficiently either in the city or the tri-state region.
We recruit service-oriented staff and professionals. We provide in-house continuing education to promote professional development and to maintain the highest level of service. In order to provide the best service to our clients at the project level, we have adopted a special type of project management system.
Project Management and
the Concept of Leadership
We lead the client through the design and construction process, from the beginning of the project to the end, and beyond. We assign each project architect, a single architect who is capable of design, construction supervision, and project management and who is reachable on a daily basis. We see the role of the architect in the traditional and historical sense, as a generalist and a leader of the building process throughout all phases of a project.
"Glass Box vs Black Box"
The design process has been characterized as either a "glass box"-i.e., transparent, visible, characterized by interactive communications and meetings with the client or a "black box"-opaque, dark, mystical, characterized by a non-participatory process with a solution that is essentially revealed at the end. We operate a "glass box process, in fact, Steven Kratchman has taught this design process at the renowned New York School of Interior Design for almost ten years. The approach begins with understanding the clients' needs. We listen, research, and analyze data.
Design Studio
We have organized the office around an open office studio system. Designs and drawings are worked on out in the open. In order to fully communicate the projects to the staff and visitors, we installed a continuous display surface on a wall which runs the entire length of our office, a full 85 feet. The display of work in progress is fundamental to architectural education, or design process, and our way of working.
Production Process and the
Working Drawing Manual <WDM>
Working drawings translate the design into documents which indicate to the contractor the intent and how to build the project. These drawings are typically known as "working drawings." We have adopted and developed a very stringent production process to produce trouble free, clear and coordinated drawings.
Green and Sustainability
The impact of technology on building design and performance is significant and has been significantly increasing in recent years. Thinking green is part of the air we breathe. We actively educate our clients to consider strategies which reduce fuel costs, technologies which create energy on site informed and alternative material and product selections, mechanical systems which produce healthier environments, monitoring devices which notify users of indications of problems long before they are serious, and commissioning programs to test the results of new installations. We look for technologies which have payback periods of less than six years.
Computer Technology
Steven Kratchman Architect, P.C., utilizes the most sophisticated software & computers. We build three dimensional computer models which we use to test our solutions and communicate to our clients. These sophisticated tools help generate highly integrated solutions faster and more efficiently. As a result, design modifications occur long before the project reaches subsequent phases, significantly reducing the potential of expensive changes during the construction portion of the project.
Thank You
We thank our clients for the opportunity to provide architectural services-to practice our chosen profession-and we look forward to working with them and with new clients in the years to come. The fact that our firm has grown and is flourishing is a testament to the principles described above. Our projects will change as we grow, but our commitment to provide the highest level of service and design at competitive prices will continue. We look forward to the future and to being one of the leading architectural offices in New York City, the tri-state region, and eventually the nation.